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Helping you to enhance your Leadership

  • My journey as a coach started after a successful corporate career, where I held senior leadership positions at Finastra, Dell, and Caterpillar, and managed global accounting operations, internal controls, and financial accounting & reporting. During this time, I realized that my true joy and value came from serving people, listening to them, communicating openly and transparently, and leading with confidence and conviction.

  • I also invested a lot of my time on my own personal development & learning and acquired multiple certifications and skills in becoming a credentialed coach, self-transformation programs, and in digital transformation. As a coach, I leverage my expertise, diverse experience, leading people, and continuous learning to support my clients in achieving their goals and aspirations.

Know yourself and grow yourself continuously that empowers you to "Be Yourself "
Official Photo of Mr. J lakshminarayanan
  • I am J. Lakshminarayanan (JL), a Finance Leader turned Professional Coach. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and finance and a people leader for large part of that tenure, I am keen on helping CFOs and Heads of Finance of mid-sized corporates to enhance their leadership skills and bring their authentic self to their roles.

  • As a Leadership Coach, I partner with my clients to facilitate their personal and professional growth and enable them to create unprecedented and sustainable results for their organizations and themselves.

  • As a Team Coach, I collaborate with Teams to help strengthen the team dynamics, resolve conflicts, harness their efficiency to maximize and sustain the results of the team.

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