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Team Meeting


Are you a CXO/Vice President/Director of a of mid to large sized teams?

Maximize productivity of the department and heighten your impact as a Leader

  • Inspire with growth mindset

  • Resolve conflicts to unleash the energy

  • Collaborate for unprecedented results

  • Communicate effectively & efficiently

  • Foster diversity for creative and innovative ideas

As a CXO/Vice President/Director of mid to large sized teams, do you see the below pattern or trend showing up in your department that is hampering overall productivity and your impact as a Leader?

  • Do you feel there is a siloed approach in your department that impacts the quality of the overall results?

  • Do you constantly feel that the collaboration within and between the teams in your department can be enhanced to handle the interdependencies efficiently?

  • Do you find it challenging to retain the talent in your department and disproportionate time is spent on hiring and training?

  • Do you or your direct reports find it hard to have a balanced approach to handle the deliverables and people?

  • Do you often find that conflicting situations within the department are not getting resolved and the managers don’t feel empowered to resolve them?

  • Is prioritization of activities in your department an on-going challenge since adhoc requests keep coming / new changes keep happening?

Best Team coaching with Jlakshminarayanan
Top Leadership coaching for CXO and Vice Presidents in organisation

I help the CXOs/Vice Presidents/Directors and the Senior Managers reporting to them to strengthen the team dynamics, resolve conflicts, harness their efficiency to maximize and sustain the results of their department

Through my Team Coaching program, we can collaborate and create the below results:

  • Focus deeply on the growth mindset and develop a plan together to percolate this within the department

  • Resolve conflicts and get the attention and energy of the entire department towards the common goals and set them up for higher levels of success

  • Develop a harmonious and collaborative methods to achieve the department objectives on a consistent and sustainable basis

  • Amplify the significance of open and transparent communication within the department at all levels and demonstrate this to other parts of the organization

  • Enhance the importance of diversity in order to strengthen the team synergy and in getting creative and innovative ideas

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